What is Digital Art

I told you about Gravitation, Rotation, Levitation on the previous subpage.

Now I show you my thoughts of when pictures become Digital Art.


On my subpage Gravitation, Rotation, Levitation I wrote about values of pictures giving the impression of being light, full or heavy.

You choose what it makes you feel like;)

It is perhaps the differens between arts and crafts?

What is Digital Art then?


I think it is a differend kind of digital pictures created out of all sorts of digitized real materials, forms, colors, etc.


I think Digital Art is both impressions, feelings and expressions you get, when you look at or make pictures.

While taking photos I like to experience lights, shadows, colours, ...  as impressions. To make pictures become Art they also capture the depts, horizontal levels and hights of impressions. When you then create your own out of impressions they become creative expressions.


That is Digital Art to me.

They come out in two categories of impression and expression - as figuratives and non figuratives.


As well as storytelling the nature is also essential to us, because through nature you can also mirrow life themes.

So nature can be seen in many of my photos and pictures as well as schulptures, forms and monuments playing with impressions and expressions feeling in totally FLOW.

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