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Movement in Creative Photos &

Figurative Pictures

by Kanobi®


On my frontpage Kanobi® Graphic Art I made an overview for you and now you can read about what I especially like to do.


Info about my Creative Graphics as Kanobi® and how I create.

I simply like to take photos and create Creative Graphics out of the photo that inspires me to do more with it for my own fun and I am then totally into creating.

I also like to take Photos or recreate other Pictures in programs and think about how to create and finish them up, so they best show the issues needed to be sent by viewing the photos or pictures afterwards, ex. for websites, books, posters, front page pictures, etc.

My inspiration to take photos and make pictures I describe more on the page Digital Art and subpages.

First of all my Created Graphics are inspired by nature, culture or exiting shapes, colours, angles, lights, shadows, contrasts, transparency, reflection, etc., when I come along with my camera or redesign.


I get inspired when photos or pictures tell stories, show life themes or even better I got something that I didn’t see while shooting and they become Pictures in photos.


My pictures become Art to me, when I capture the depts, rotations or hights of life.


​My inspiration from other Artist's I have from the Exhibition “Himmel Falden” 2003 in Odense, DK, where the following Artist's and their issues about Gravitation, Rotation, Levitation still inspire me.


  • Antony Gormly and his constructions of humans in differed moods using different materials and places in different sizes.

  • Arne Haugen Sørensen for his wonderful colours, his brush strokes and way of telling stories about life and living.

  • Fischli und Weiss, "Der Lauf der Dinge". Exiting because they led all sorts of things combine and then move using nature elements.

  • Viggo Mortensen and his personal photos from years of experience. 


I get inspiration to recreate or new create my existing on the subpages to Pictures, so they are probably not finished yet;)

On the page Exhibitions. and subpages I make overview of my Creative Graphic Work.


As I am creative I also like to do all sorts of things that make me engaged. I have created jewelry as jewelry workshops for children on different workplaces back to 1990 and now I like to create Kanobi® Jewelry starting up with earrings done including Murano glass beads produced in the area of Venice, best directly from Murano, and nature stones. You can se more on the subpage Kanobi® Jewelry Murano and also order my earrings.

Have a nice day;)



Download Movements Kanobi®.



Below you find explanation for my name Kanobi®.

The Name Kanobi®.


The name Kanobi®

The name Kanobi® includes my engagement and is created as I was on tour. First in canoe and then kayak. My email shows both.

The text for my name in Danish cannot be translated directly and if you use Google Translate on the text below, it makes no sence.


Birgitte Volkert Kanobi®

Graphic Art.

Banebrydende, Visuel, Kreativ,

Aktiv, Nytænkende 

Og med Brandgode Ideer.

I says something alike:

B as groundbreaking, Visual, K as Creative, Active, N as innovative, O as and, Brand good Ideas;)


The name is not thought to be close to StarWars and Kenobi but maby inspired hereby, because it represent wise and good human actions.


I own the rights for the name Kanobi and it is therefore written Kanobi®.

Favorite Flowers KanobiR

Creative nature...



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