On my frontpage Kanobi Graphic Art I made an overview for you.

My creative graphics are inspired by nature, 


My photos and pictures come out both as impressions and expressions.


All my impressive Photos are from my travel in july 2014 to Cornwall as well as photos from Odense Fjord, Vejers and Bogense - all areas in Denmark where I live.

You can view my photos closely by clicking quickly twice on the photos or on a desired photo in the gallery's.


My logo below is created out of my photos taken of bark. 

Then there are my Pictures all created digital creative where I am using my photos for expressive art.

If you read under Digital Art and subpages you will get clues of my issues about the depts, rotations and hights of Kanobi Graphic Art and what I get inspired of working creative with pictures.

Then there are my creations done for other matters and shown on Exhibitions.

Last there is terms for Sale. You can get in contact on the frontpage below the galleri or use the @ on top menu.

Have a nice day;)

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