On my frontpage Kanobi® Graphic Art I made an overview for you.

Now I tell about Info of me and my creative graphics.

You can read more about me on the two subpages Work & Education as well as terms regarding GDPR.


My Creative Graphics are inspired by nature. Photos and Pictures comes out both as impressions and expressionsThey are all created digital using camera or programs and includes storytelling seen from my perspectives. Read more about my issues under Digital Art.

You can view them closely by clicking quickly twice on a photo or picture. They all have my logo Kanobi® in the right corner. Logo Kanobi® you also find on the frontpage, on each page in top corner left or description on the subpage Bark Graphics.

Then you find my Exebition and subpages, Contact and Sale.

Last you can sellect sound by JayJen mixed by me bottom down while looking through all my pictures;)

Have a nice trip through my artwork as inspiration;)

Creative nature...



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Play JayJen's short parts mixed by Kanobi®.
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