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Murano di Perla Information.

I told you about my Murano di Perla Vintage beads on the previous subpage. Now I show you my


Murano di Perla Information by Kanobi® Jewelry Murano.

First of all: Each Year you can go to The Venice Glass Week, also September 2023 and see all new glass art creation of the Perla di Murano Glass Artist's from Murano and area;)

Regarding copyrights.  I have written to single Murano companies and the collaboration and send links, so they know these pages uses their links and pictures for real Murano glass art's;) 

I get especially inspired by artwork from Italy here by Raphaello, especially his making of "The School of Athens", a fresco in the room Stanza della Segnatura, Vatican Palace in Rome, Michelangelo etc. and Aldo Londi designing the most wonderful ceramics both working for Fratelli Fanciulacci from he was 11 years old and later as artdirector at family business Bitossi, where he also used glass together with glaze on top of his wonderful ceramice;) Look for more ceramic Art inspiration on my page Aldo Londi Art inspiration.


I also get inspired by Murano glass art makers and their glass history

Kanobi® Jewelry Inspiration Italy

Kanobi® Jewelry Inspiration Italy

Raphaello "School of Athen", earrrings made of Murano Glass Art beads combined with agat's and other nature stones here looking like sunny water and Aldo Londi ceramice Art creations Rimini Blue.


Link Google Maps Murano and opdated Shoplinks Vetro di Murano.

More Perla di Murano..

More also silver and gold foiled...

Real vs. Fake: Murano glass counterfeiting | SLICE.

You should really look for the reel glass art at Murano and if buying in Venice shops then look for the right muranoglass mark (picture top), because glass from all over the world are sold in Venice. So shop to support the real glass artists at Murano!

Perla di Murano - production techniques and creation names.

Perla di Murano comes in all sorts of shapes and are produced in the most wonderful colors of glass by Murano Glass Artists since 1291 and also before that. Because they are handmade and not factory produced they can differ a little bit though they look as equal. The edges of the new Murano Glass art beads are round, not sharp edged and they look finished all over the surfaces. If there are patterns on the surface of the beads you can feel them.


I analyse the beads and tell about the art symbols that can be seen in Murano Glass Art beads and told about them, because I am an art teacher;)

Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Oro Feathers.png


Lampwork and Blown Glass Perla di Murano.

There are different ways to make glass beads, but in areas of Venice and on Murano the glass art masters today often use lampwork and sometimes make blown Venice Perla or Perla di Murano and seldom using fusing equal parts of glass together heating the parts and melting them together. Hereby the parts can be a bit out of position and look edgy, though you also find these kinds of Murano vintage beads, because of the history durings wars, where Glass art makers from Murano were forbitten to produce glass art. Also vintage Murano glass art beads do have unequal surfaces or are without minerals, because Murano glass art makers also used to produce these kinds of glass beads during and after wars, where they had to get established again. So you will still find these kinds of beads as Murano vintage beads.

Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Precious stones.


Lampwork and blown Glass Perla di Murano nowadays never have surface with parts out of position, they only have glass waved as patterns on the surface of the beads and are maid as one whole piece, because real Murano glass art makers can after wars produce as they like to and let their creative spirit come through as they difine the art of Murano master glass art pieces.

Lampwork Perla di Murano nowadays is where the Perla di Murano are done rolling the glass onto a copper mandrel in the flame of a lamp.


Blown Perla di Murano are only the beads made in a real Murano glass furnace using the technique filigrana, where the glass art master blows into a tube to create the Murano glass often used for other Murano glass creations than Perla di Murano, though there are Murano jewelry, where the Perla di Murano are still blown as Murano glass art makers used to do  it in between wars.

Blown glass creations are hollow inside, where Perla di Murano using lampwork technique not are beside the whole through the Perla di Murano.


Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Vintage Sommerso and dotted beads a la Agate's.


Sommerso Perla di Murano.

Sommerso Venetian Perla di Murano are named after the technique which submerges fragments of different colors into the clear crystal glass as a prism transforming the light and colors of the sun (above).


Aventurine Perla di Murano.

Aventurine is created using sparkling copper in many of crystal glass Perla di Murano. Particles of copper and other minerals attach to each other, when the glass cools as the basics of the Earth.

The different minerals get different colors depending on how they are used. Copper cools becoming green, cobalt gets blue, tin makes a milky white and gold results in red. So in that perspective the Perla di Murano are outstanding masterpieces managing the minerals cooling proces to perfection;)

Sommerso Aventurine Perla di Murano


Aventurine Perla di Murano using real gold or silver foil.

Perla di Murano are also created using real 24kt gold foil, 24kt white gold foil or 925 sterling silver inside or on the surface of the clear crystal glass or transparent colored as the shiny glory of the spirit.

Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Perla di Disco's. Light energy .


Millefiori Perla di Murano (thousand flowers beads).

They look as there are a thousand flowers of mosaic in the millefiori Perla di Murano. They are made by using a small glass ball of clear or colored transparent glass. Then the glass ball is rolled over small slices of Murrines or they are placed on the glass ball (a crystal glass tube created as a pattern and cut in equal slices called Murina of a cane, where many slices of different canes are called Murrines).


Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Perla di Millefiori .

The Perla di Murano artist rotates the glass ball while heating the bead until the murrine slices are integrated into the Perla di Murano as Millefiori. Originally they are transformed by Murano glass art makers from Venetian Murano Trade or Skunk Beads, that were often dotted beads transformed from Roman's and earlier from Egypt's, whereas Murano art makers were better to do the glass art work and they became Millefiori Perla di Murano as the blossom of the soul created both as tradebeads, but also as jewelry beads;) 

Link video Murano Glass Millefiori.

Fiorato Perla di Murano (Wedding Cake Beads).

Perla di Murano are hand decorated with “fiorato” small flowers. The Perla di Murano can be made in any technique, but on the outside of the Perla di Murano, there will be drawn small flowers mostly using molten stringers of pink colored glass in different tones from white to pink looking like a rose as you see it in vintage Perla di Murano below.

Kanobi®Jewelry Murano The Rose 2.png


Often there is also decoration on the outside of the Perla di Murano painted with aventurine minerals as the center of the globe, Equator line, together with waves of the water as life is and dots in different colors and often in a circle of five blueish dots as the whole and one dot in the center of the circle in yellow as the North, South, East and West of the Globe and Center or five al in al as one. The yellow dot in center look's like a yolk or the sun. Normally it is drawn twice. If it's confusing that I both write the meaning of the whole five and six including the center dot on the Perla di Murano Fiorato then look for the clues above somewhere, because I do tell you, though it is up to you both to find and see it;)


The hole through the Wedding Cake beads is the air to The Fiorato Perla di Murano and the five (fish) is The Whole though it also include six as The Whole where you can define the Yolk as giving birth to the marriage and four if you translate the bead only as The Earth. If there are only four dots around the center dot, then it is not an original Murano Firorato Perla di Murano. You then look at a fake bead made somewhere else then in Italy, because The Rose is the link to the marriage;) Also the waves of the "water" and drawn "equator" done with transparancy of the copper is out of position and the Wedding Cake bead then look unfinished ... The real Murano Artist makes The Perla di Murano Fiorato look outstanding and as a finished Perla;) India also produce them calling them Murano beads and I simply do not understand why Murano artist do not claim their rights to their arts of perla di Murano? How can you sell and buy fake beads of the same name? The funny thing is that India produces Love of humanity without knowing that they do so or do they? Is it actually a way of transforming humanity to all human's;)

Kanobi®Jewelry Perla di Murano Wedding cake beads.


As one whole piece of Murano Glass Fiorato Perla di Murano with love and glory;) That's why they are so important and still are;) The Impression is a Wedding Cake and the expression is Love of Humanity and exactly therefore Murano Glass Perla di Murano are Art's.

The rose and the lines comes through all sorts of Murano Crystal Glass Art Perla di Murano;) I also got the most wonderful white newish Fiorato Perla di Murano.

White Weddingcake necklace.png
Murano White Weddingcake necklace 2

Murano White Weddingcake necklace 2

Kanobi® Jewelry.

Murano White Weddingcake necklace 3

Murano White Weddingcake necklace 3

Kanobi® Jewelry.

Murano White Weddingcake necklace 4

Murano White Weddingcake necklace 4

Kanobi® Jewelry.

Murano White Weddingcake necklace 5

Murano White Weddingcake necklace 5

Kanobi® Jewelry.

Perla di Murano decorated with dots are inspired by ancient Murano Trade and Skunk glass Perla di Murano and they have inspired African trade or skunk beads today, where the dots were into the surface and not outstanding;) The dots in the Vintage perla di Murano below are described as The Rose, Amber and Ruby as well as you actually can see my house in the beads because of the transparency and clearness of crystal glass used in the vintage art beads;)

Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Precious stones vintage.


Perla di Murano made of glass paste are full colored glass. This is also used as lines or patterns or sculpture in the other kinds of Murano Perla di Murano as in Aventurine, Sommerso or Fiorato Perla di Murano as basic's or textures of life.


Perla di Murano with feather pattern's (picture above "Lampwork and Blown Glass Perla di Murano" on this page or on the page Murano di Perla Vintage) created decorative into the surface of the glass Perla di Murano as bird's flying to let the soul feel free as it is, when you fly high spirit and some of us do so;)


Perla di Murano looking like precious stones (you find them all over my jewelry page's). Often including particle's of mineral's and Perla di Murano are then called Aventurine as the foundation of Mother Earth. You can wonder why doing glass bead's like nature stones, but I think it is the best inspiration to get inspired by the shape's, color's, paticle's, light's, transparency, etc., as I also do creating creative graphic's and all sort's of creative activity;) You can also say that glass is the essens of nature, because glass is made of particle's of sand, etc. 


The Murano art master's create the glass art bead's as wonder's of the nature captureing the nature and doing them even more beautiful;)

Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Precious stones.


Perla di Murano used on masks for Venice Carnival are in all colors, where as the masks are to be in purple, green and gold colors. The mask is the main issue during carnival and the celebration to be and to be equal because wearing a mask.

Art Deco Crystal Glass Perla di Murano, that's the story and are therfore decorated by Murano Glass Master Artists;)

Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Perla di Millefiori .

These Murrines or where there are more Millefiories, they all look like "In to The Future" beeming to somewhere else and give the impression of getting to somewhere else or just the movement whitch is nice to get the impression of movement and therfore these glass beads are also Art's;) They, Murano creative glass art makers, also create crystal round's, faceted beads and sea beads called "Conteria",  including gold og silver center inside the crystal glass produced in the area of Murano and Venice.


Overview of videos etc.

What to do at Murano.

Are Murano Venice glass factories a tourist trap?

Venetian Islands.

This Weeks Find of the Week How to Identify Real Murano Glass.

Murano Walking Tour AND Glass Demonstration [4K|60fps].

Murano: between Water and Fire.

Masters of Murano, Italian Tradition on Glass.

Rubino Purple Murano Vintage.png



Above there are Murano di Perla Vintage from three area's of Perla di Murano;)


My argues are as follows to make these bead's glow;)


My necklaces including new nature stones, new freshwater pearl's and Murano Vintage glass bead's.

They include Murano grenade purple cubes from, I guess, 1980' and they are still designed by Tommasi, Murano, in that shape and crystal clearness. The clearness of the crystal glass, the color in a kind of purple grenades makes these cubes Perla di Murano;) I have bought them as a vintage necklace and they are 6, 8, 10 mm. That is exactly the measures you also can buy cubes in by Tommasi nowaday's. They do not have the shape of Austrian, Indish, Chinese, .. cubes.


Then they also got Murano purple facet's shaped like an olive and not just like an ovale bead. The end ends as going to the same centerline and are cut of as if the lines "go on" into an olive because of the bow they create from the top to the ends of the bead's. This shape gives the impression of an olive. They are bought to be from the area of the 1980'ties. 


Both the shape, the clearness of the glass and the way of doing the facet's gives a hint, where they in the area of Murano still produce facet's for Rosaries and here the facet's also looks like Ace of diamond's all over the beads, also on the ends. They can be produced at Vetro as Cristallo or area of, because there is also in that area of Italy companies producing Rosaries for Vatican right now and it is impossible to know, because they work in cooperatives;) I will explain that later.


Then we have Murano Rubino colored bead's bought as to be from the 1920 - 1930ties (a kind of pink, but more deep in the color alike light purple-pink grenates). The smooth round, oliveshaped and flat round Rubino bead's vintage are a bit out of position. And that is exactly why I think they are art's, because you can see that the bead's are nature or handmade;).


They got plenty of airbobbel's in them and also a white center from burning, not cupper mandrell's, because leftover becomes greenish? ...Did they use tin at that time to roll the bead's into flames, because tin becomes milky white when burning?


As you can see, they have exactly the same glow as the rubino disco's from my own set of bracelet and earring's bought here in the area of Odense, Denmark, as Murano bead's used on silverwire necklace. Look them up on the page Murano di Perla Vintage beads. You have to look of the edges af the rubino disco's, where you find the clear cristal glass rubino;) The glow is exactly the same as the rubino out of shape 1920-1930'ish glass bead's..


It say's in Historycal material's, that ex. Napolion forbid producing and Murano Artist's could again have been forbitten during Second World War to produce glass beads...? That is maby why their materials to do Perla di Murano where unreachable? And if the rubino red bead's are produced around 1920ties to 1930ties, they are produced during and in between First and Second World War's.


These bead's are surely created without using silver and gold foil. Again the hinch is the rubino color that only Murano Artist's do and the oliveshape, that not only is ovale.


The Rubino color tell's that they are not Czech beads, also the glow of the crystal glass gives a hinch to Murano and not Czech and the oliveshape tell's, that they are not from Austria. At that time the Indian and Chinese marked had not a lot of influence at the Europien market and we mostly went to Austria, Venice and Murano to buy beautiful glass jewelry.


We bought quality and not quantity from India or elsewhere. Nowaday's bead's claimed to be Murano glass bead's are sold from India, China, etc. as to be as beautiful as the real stuff! But they are not, because of the missing inclosure of cristal in the bead's and artistic creation's of Perla di Murano and many many year's of experince with that kind of glass bead's. Actually back to the Roman's and Egypt time.


So in that perspective all the glass bead's from my photo above of recreating vintage glass bead's into Kanobi® uniq Jewelry  have the glow of Murano di Perla Vintage;) 

Murano compagnies have and still do work together in cooperatives where one company produces the bead's and another use the bead's for production af jewelry. They also nowaday's call themselves Vetro Murano and do still not claim their right's to the name Murano regarding Glass art beads!?;)

Below you find my favorites and the one's that I use myself;)

First you see my aqua blueish earrings and then my absolute favorite necklace, that I have removed the copper wires, unless on the way it is locked, because I still want it to show, how it was originally maid, though I best like silver and silver contaria's as space parts together with the Costatini Perla di Murano vintage bead's, small bead's also in 6 mm;) Some of the wonderful clear glass Murano art beads, without any metal, is from about 1800 to 1920ties and inclose leaves, that are still produced in a bit different shape by Tommasi at Murano;)

Then there is a chain of wonderful blueish facet's inclosed in silver bead caps, that still can be bought in Rome at the Vaticane and therefore it is a rosery showing the Lady of Miracle from 1830.


As I bought it, it was really dirty and missed the part with the cross in, so I wrote to Rome, to get clues, that simmilar are maid with all sorts of crosses, so I bought a silver Crucifix that I think match the chain very well and inclosed freshwater round tiny pearl's to get some of the originally bead's for the missing part and also for matching earring's and bracelet. So if you would like to use my kind of rosary to make prayer's, then you have to use the bracelet and the earring's to get the fifth part of the main chain of the rosery;)


My beautiful sky blue faceted bead's in the rosery are very old and look as if the facet's are handmaid in a simple way, as if they are done before they really got the grip of how to make them equal;) It can be maid at Murano, because some rosaries, that you can still buy in Rome, also are from Murano;)

Last there is a wonderful short chain, also really old, made using tiny crystal glass beads and copper, also onto some faceted beads, so it is not as old as my aqua blueish three row Murano di Perla and I simply also adore this chain, so I will not chance it or redo it, it is still fine as it is created. I just checked that all the ends are propper and recreated the copper chain for the connecting yellow amber bead;)

Kanobi® Jewelry Aquablue waterearrings favorite Kanobi®
Favorite necklace redesigned silver 3.png
Rosary Roma 4.png
Copper Murano vintage 3.png

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