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I told you about Kanobi® Aldo Londi Art inspiration on the previous pages. 


Now I tell you how to buy on this page Sale.

You can buy my creative creation of websites, photos, pictures, tekst, other 3D products and Jewelry is discribed below.


You order by mail describing exactly what you would like me to create for you. Then we agree on price and you pay to my bank account.


Then I do the chosen artwork for you;) 

Just write an email to, then I will write you back as soon as possible.

Look for more informations on my other website

Overview Kanobi® Graphic Art.

Sale overview

Sale overview


Overview Kanobi®Jewelry.

You can buy my earrings and pendants;) The earrings have differnt prices each pair as you can see it on the subpages.


Murano di Perla New beads.

Murano di Perla Vintage beads.

Murano di Perla Information.

Other Perla di Nature.

.You can buy a pendant matching exactly some pair of earrings, where I write it beneath the single pair of earrings on the subpages. 


You can also choose to have the Murano crystal glass beads without nature stones, so the earring's only are made of the Murano crystal glass beads.


You will have to pay for the shipping too.

They have all included silver and gold plated  nickel-free materials.

Just write an email to, then I will write you back as soon as possible.

Kanobi® Jewelry.png



Best regards and have a nice day;)

Birgitte Volkert

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