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Locations of my photos including how to use Google Maps.


You can see the locations on maps or sattelite photos by using the arrows and selecting on the panel.


Or use streetviews by using the little yellow man. Drag him to the point you want to see, and move around by clicking on the road.

I leave my photos for you to get an overview of my inspiration for Digital Art.



Locations UK

On the following subpages you find my photos taken on the locations I went to in Cornwall Area Lizard in 2014 visiting friends.

I went from DK to Calais over Dover along the costline by car. Resting in Hasting and then the whole way to The Lizard, where my friends live nearby The Light House close to The Most Southerly Point of UK.

On the way back to DK I went over Salisbury South of London to Dover.

Area Lizard

Village Lizard. You can view photos from Village Lizard, area close to St. Ives and East, West and South of St. Ives.

Locations DK



Area DK

I also leave my locations for photos taken in DK on each subpage.

Odense Fjord, Funen, Denmark

The area of beautiful nature, where I live near Odense Fjord on the Westcoast and area protected by NATURA 2000. You can view the map from EU here on link NATURA 2000 to se more about protected spieces.

All the locations mentioned under the submenues to Photos DK, that are not from Bogense or Vejers, are from Odense Fjord, hereby Koholm, Fjordens day at Klintebjerg, Gersøe, Otterup Harbour, Hofmansgave and Enebærodde.


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