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Kanobi® Jewelry



Kanobi®Jewelry Murano.

I told you about my What is Digital Art on the previous subpage. Now I show you my


Kanobi® Jewelry Murano.


My jewelry is inspired by shapes, forms, combinations, nature, cultures, colors and light reflections, where I am especially inspired by artwork from Italy.

I create Creative Kanobi® Jewelry Murano by Birgitte Volkert in nature materials using handmade single produced Murano glass beads also with silver or gold foil produced at Murano and crystal beads produced nearby area Venice, Italy, nature stones, freshwater pearl's and seashell's as well as metal silver or gold plated beads just for fun, because I get inspired and creative looking all the beautiful crystal glass beads from Murano and area up;)

You can buy my earrings;) The earrings have different prices each pair. You can buy a pendant matching exactly some pair of earrings. If you buy both a pair of earring's and a matching pendant you get it cheaper. I do, if asked, uniq creative necklaces and bracelet's for my earring's and pendant's, so you also will have to mail to me then.


You can also choose to have the Murano crystal glass beads without nature stones, so the earring is only made of the Murano crystal glass beads.

The pictures shown have all included silver and gold plated nickel-free materials mainly onto brass.

If you only would like 925 silver or 24kt gold you will have to pay the difference.

I have arranged my Kanobi® Jewelry Murano on following subpages.

Murano di Perla New beads.

Murano di Perla Vintage beads.

Murano di Perla Information.

Other Perla di Nature.

Gallery Kanobi® Jewelry Murano Reflection & energy - Murano di Perla New beads.

Reflection & Flow - cubes, swirls, rounds, feathers

Reflection & Flow - cubes, swirls, rounds, feathers

Kanobi® Murano crystal glass beads.

Gallery Kanobi® Jewelry Murano  Uplifting & Flying - Murano di Perla Vintage beads.

Ancient colorful redish Perla di Murano Vintage.

Ancient colorful redish Perla di Murano Vintage.

Kanobi® Jewelry Murano di Perla Vintage Beads.

Gallery Kanobi® Jewelry. Distingushed High energy - Perla di Other Nature beads.

Ancient colorful greenish energy.

Ancient colorful greenish energy.

Other Perla di Nature. Kanobi®Jewelry.

Upcoming earrings and pendants will be with glass beads produced and sold by Murano glass art makers during times, because I have new glass beads, vintage glass beads and ancient glass beads produced and sold via Murano companies;)

They are not produced in other countries such as India or the Czech Republic nor China or elsewhere. Both the glass and the beads are produced at Murano by Murano art glass makers. Otherwice I will write that I do not exactly know where the glass beads are produced;) the only homepage to find real Murano Glass the only homepage to find real Murano Glass

If you would like to be sure to buy or look at real Murano Glass go' to this page;) Best regards,Kanobi®

You should really look for the reel glass art at Murano and if buying in Venice shops then look for the right muranoglass mark (picture above), because glass from all over the world are sold in Venice. So shop to support the real glass artists at Murano!

Kanobi® Jewelry Aquablue waterearrings favorite Kanobi®


My favorite "water earrings" with Murano glass Perla di Murano from Venice (picture top and above) I bought about twenty Years ago.

My inspiration to do jewelry of nature produced materials comes from childhood producing in sparetime and later teaching creating selfmade jewelry together with children on different schools in Odense using nature materials.

I have travelled to Italy twice. Both times also to Venice, a wonderful place including water, reflections of lights, lots of art, culture and history, wonderful monuments and artists working in the streets or visiting during time;) Unfortunately I did not visit Murano, so I have to do that;)

I simply best like glassart from Murano, because glassmakers from here have a long tradition to make glassart best come through and the light reflections and colors of the glass are outstanding glass art. Perla di Murano are the most beautiful glass beads at all and I do jewelry, because i like to create mixing colors, patterns, reflections...


While creating I enjoy mixing the most beautiful art creation Murano di Perla together with other natures stones, so I think the jewelry looks nice and different beautiful to look at as well as gives artistical light and colors to the person wearing it;) 


You find here a pdf to download about my Kanobi® Jewelry.

To order you go to the page Sale or @ mail to contact me.

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