Kynance Cove




On the previous subpage I showed you The Most Southerly Point of UK. Now I tell you about


Kynance Cove.

The most stoning place - wow, it is impossible to describe it in words. Take plenty of time of and enjoy it on its hights, depts and huge areas of pure nature;)



Kynance Cove

View of beautiful location.



In the gallery there is a photo taken on top of Kynance Cove viewing from North of the cafe to the South and in direction of Village Lizard. If you zoom in, you get the picture of an old lady having her trobles with a cow using her stick to make it move back.


See the close up beneath of the story on top of The Most Southerly area of Cornwall in UK.

It is nice that cows are free to walk around together with you while explorering the area of Kyance Cove;)

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