Gravitation, Rotation,





I told you about Created graphics on the previous subpage. Now I will tell a little more about the meaning of pictures and their dimensions.

Gravitation, Rotation, Levitation


are the depts, hights and movement of including story's in artwork.


As an inspirator and teacher, I lean my thoughts of Education on Klafi and his theory - Kategorial Dannelse -  that's selfdriven education.


It is essential to lern new ways of thinking, feeling and understanding in a subjective way  learning the depts and hights while working with a selvchosen subject, which gives you new possibilities in future explorence on every subject you might choose to work with.


"An exsample, a subject worked throughtly with, can be used to understand generally a lot more about everything alike and unalike"... Wolfgang Klafki.


His thoughts of getting engaged and how to do so, he describes very well;)

You should choose theme, subject, etc. youself to grow on a higher level of knowledge.


Otherwise you will not learn the same depts, hights and movements, because the experiences you have done up till now will then not be felt and experienced by you. 

Gallery Gravitation, Rotation, Levitation


See a few of my photos below that I think shows depts, hights and movement in pictures.




Gravitation, Rotation, Levitation

The value of pictures can give the impression of being light, full or heavy.

You choose what it makes you feel like. 


It is perhaps the differens between art and crafts?

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I worked with Gravitation, Rotation, and Levitation on my artstudy back in 2008 inspired by The Exebition Himmel Falden, 2003 at Kunsthallen Brandts Klædefabrik in Odense, Denmark. All the artist here had worked with gravity and most as Levitation so it was really uplifting to walk around all their thoughts expressed in art;)



They will be my inspiration for all my graphics & 3D work, because it is not at all finished yet;)


Presence - right now.

Gravitation - is presence as heavy and the depts of life. 


Rotation - is presence as it is. 


Levitation - is lifting up or presence right now including total attention - FLOW, that makes you feeling totally happy.

Gravitation is not actually my focus, because we have a lot of that.


Rotation can descripe forwards and backwards, equidistant or equal, but also a form of


Levitation, where new knowledge in the progression will come to you.


The 3 dimensions above can also be seen as 3 Concepts in pictures, where they can occur everywhere and nowhere and sometimes and in periods...

A book about life and Gravitation, Rotation, Levitation - Best to read the book and not watch the film;)



You can get a feeling of my 3 dimensions by reading


Jonathan Levingston Seagull


written by Richard Bach and translated to Danish by Henrik Nordbrandt.

Don't watch the movie based on this book, It does not at all show, what the book actually includes. Namely wisdom of life...


Click on the picture of the book above and find out more...

It's really a short book of few pages, so everybody can read it.

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