Creative Globes

I told you about my thoughts of Bark Graphics - 3D Stamps on the previous subpage.

Now I show you my pictures of


Creative Globes.

Also the rotation and lifting up issues are part of and included in my Creative historical Globes. My Globe Swans are inspired by the constructions with wire as I made it through many years teatching children how to create mobiles and later my Art Exam inspired by Antony Gormley. 


Years back I went to UK for 1,5 years working as domestic kitchen and pantry help where I was allowed to arrange making danish christmas decorations including mobiles together with six other danish girls in the afternoons for all the children living at Cottesmore School.


For my exam I created a nearly two meters hight construction of swanwings flying with a globe made of different widths of wire with four swanfeathers inside. The feathers I have taken out of the water in Odense Fjord while kayaking during spring and summer, where swans change their feathers for new ones.


Creative Globes are created because I needed a picture for Digital Art and I think that my mobiles makes a fine example, because they are created both in 2 and 3D out of my photos at Housel Bay Beach, The Lizard, Cornwall.


First there are my Globes, then Cave Graphics Deers now including globes as a picture of the "Sun wagon" found as gold figure in DK and done as art.

Then there is Finxs Globes and different examples of the creation for Digital Art.

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