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Kanobi®Jewelry Other Perla di Nature. Sea shell's, pearls & Murano blueish sea glass beads.



Kanobi®Other Perla di Nature.

I told you about my Murano Perla di Information on the previous subpage. Now I show you my


Kanobi® Jewelry. Other Perla di Nature.


My jewelry is also inspired by other beads of nature materials.

These Perla di Nature will mainly be made of nature stones, sea shells and freshwater perls. Glass beads that I combine with will mainly be clear glass colored, full paste color, sea beads, facet's, etc. I will write weather they are from Murano, ex. "Conteria" sea beads or Murano di Perla made of full colored glass paste, etc.

Soon there will be...

Soon there will be...

Kanobi® Jewelry. Other Perla di Nature. There is still a bit of Murano di Perla in these upcoming earrings, because the blueish sea beads used on top of the sea shell's are Murano. You can see it, because of the clearness in the glass used and I know that they were used together with other Murano glass art beads, also the one's in the pairs on the left side that looks black, but they are not;) They are Conteria's. The white pair's are naturel freshwater pearls both the uneven & the round one's.

Kanobi® Jewelry Aquablue waterearrings favorite Kanobi®


My favorite "water earrings" with Murano glass Perla di Murano from Venice (picture top and above) I bought about twenty Years ago.

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