Odense Fjordens

Dag 2014



I told you about Koholm on the previous subpage. Now I show you my photos of

Odense Fjord, Fjordens Dag, 2014.


The photos are inspired by photos taken at Odense Fjord, the  fjords Day, 2014, Denmark. We selebrate The Fjord each year in September and all around the Fjord there are activities by locals. 

Moments at Odense Fjord, Fjordens Dag, 2014, Denmark


Odense Fjord is a nature reserve in Denmark under NATURA 2000 and therefore also selebrated as that.



Gallery Odense Fjord, Fjordens Dag, 2014 on a very rainy day, where I managed to damage two umbrellows to keep my camera dry;) 


Again my originals are gone, because of virus on my pc, so the photos are a bit to small and not quite as sharp as they could be.


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