Cave Graphics




I told you about my Pictures on the previous subpage.

Now I show you my photos of


Cave Graphics.


They are inspired by photos taken at Housel Bay Beach, The Lizard, Cornwall, UK in July 2014.

Cave Graphics are created out of my photo into the water and I think this photo look's like ancient cave paintings.  It is up to you, what you can see in the pictures. 

I have created what I can see in the picture I took into the water at Housel Bay Beach back in 2014.

Cave Graphics Gallery.


Find the elephant, deer, whale, kois... in pictures below.


If it looks to coloured, it is because of the solution on your mobile, tablet or pc. On my pc they look fine;)



Cave Graphics - Elephants Gallery - close up.





Cave Graphics - Deers Gallery.



Cave Graphics - Deers Gallery.





Cave Graphics - Finxs Gallery.





Cave Graphics - Whales Gallery - close up.



Cave Graphics were my work to find a header for this website Kanobi® Graphic Art. Meanwhile I have worked on Cave Graphics many times in my way of iteration or Rotation for Levitation as I have explained on subpage to Digital Art. 


Below you find my choice of a header picture for frontpage Kanobi®.


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