Digital Art


I told you about Creatives 3D prints on the previous subpage. Now I will tell you a little about where I get my inspiration from creating 


Digital Art.

Digitization makes the work with pictures:

  • easy to create.

  • you don't have to do it on paper or use colors that have to be cleaned up afterwards and you can quickly, as new thoughts come to you, make it happen and change it while you create.

  • you can also save your work, print it and use it for ex. other digital pictures, drawings, paintings, etc.

  • But again. If it looks to coloured, it is because of the solution on your mobile, tablet or pc. On my pc it all looks fine;)

Photos are my way of thinking graphically well done photos in the perspective of Digital Art and they come out in following Digital Artwork categories. 

Photos & Storytelling.

Pictures in photos.

Created craphics.

Gravitation, Rotation and Levitation.

These four subpages tells you about my inspirations for my digital created artwork. They often are included at the same time in the same creative photo or picture.

Last you find a subpage What is Digital Art?



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