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Kanobi®Jewelry Murano Vintage Sommerso and dotted beads



Murano di Perla Vintage beads.

I told you about my Murano di Perla New beads on the previous subpage. Now I show you my


Murano di Perla Vintage beads Kanobi® Jewelry Murano.


They are created using beads that I bought as vintage beads and I think they are produced at Murano, Venice, Italy.

Gallery Uplifting & Flying. Kanobi® Jewelry Murano di Perla Vintage beads.
Each pair cost 150 kr. You cannot buy pendants or the pairs you can I will write so. 

Uplifting energy - rounds 10-11mm.

Uplifting energy - rounds 10-11mm.

Kanobi® Vintage crystal glass with red center, copper lines and dots and goldplated crystal facets 6 mm and three crystal faceted clear glass 5 mm and red faceted agate 8 mm. Only one pair.

Uplifting & Flying. Murano di Striped Agate's.

Uplifting & Flying. Murano di Striped Agate's.

Kanobi® Jewelry Murano di Perla Vintage beads. Vintage Murano di Perla oval Striped Agate's and different shaped Dotted beads on black surface.

Flying - drops 20mm and 15mm.

Flying - drops 20mm and 15mm.

Kanobi® (Ancient?) Vintage red, yellow, copper crystal feather beads. Only one pair.


Look for this mark below, when you buy glass art from Murano in Venice or at Murano or elsewhere in the world where they say beads are Murano beads.


My earring on this page are produced using vintage glass beads and therefore there is no mark, but I think they are real Murano glass beads, because of the quality of the glass and design of these beads. Read more on the next subpage Murano di Perla Information including information about Perla di Murano designs and history of the beads and the mark below. the only homepage to find real Murano Glass the only homepage to find real Murano Glass

If you would like to be sure to buy or look at real Murano Glass go' to this page;) Best regards,Kanobi®

Kanobi® Jewelry Aquablue waterearrings favorite  Kanobi®


My favorite "water earrings" with Murano glass Perla di Murano from Venice (picture above) I bought about twenty Years ago.

To order you go to the page Sale or @ mail to contact me.

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