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Photo and Storytelling KanobiR


Photos &



I have told you about Digital Art on the previous page and now I will tell you about


Photo & Storytelling.


Storytelling in pictures is essential to the total impression and usability. While making them I have two personal quotes about art as inspiration...

My quote

"The trick is to see and personalize your reality."

"The craft is working with the subject until you are satisfied ."

A quote by Lin Yutang

"The art of living consist among other things the choice to neglect the unimportent",

which in my terminology is to focus on the importent.

Photos & Storytelling.

Photos & Storytelling.


Photos & Storytelling.

Photos & Storytelling.




Photos & Storytelling

The pictures above and below tell their own story.


The photographer in the gallery from St. Ives has his attention focused in direction of some surfers in red just before and during a surfcompetition.


He could have chosen to direct his attention towards the child beneath him  or the young man in marine clothes surfing on his left side and right in front of me. You find more photos of the stories on the page St. Ives.


So the fokus is essential in relation of photos & storytelling.

To take photos that are well done must rely on the eyes watching, so it is up to each of us to decide, what we think and feel about pictures. Mine are created by me and therefore I leave it up to you to decide what you think;)


I try to use the lifting up issue that I know of to bring out the best in my photos. That's also pictures, where you get the feeling, that you see from left bottom corner to right top corner.

Photos & Storytelling.

Photos & Storytelling.

Focus direction from left bottom corner to right top corner;) Kanobi®


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