I told you about East, West & South of St. Ives on the previous subpageNow I show you my photos of

Koholm, Odense Fjord.


The area where I live. The photos are inspired by photos taken at Koholm just outside of Odense along the costline West of Odense Fjord, Denmark.

Moments at Koholm, Denmark


Odense Fjord is a nature reserve in Denmark under NATURA 2000 and therefore all the spieces in and around Odense Fjord are protected. Also swans. They have selected that Odense Fjord and area is a good place to stay over and therefore the swans go on land doing winter to eat.

The swans live in the whole area of Odense Fjord. On bike to Odense I was so lucky to capture the close up photo serie of swans with their youngs springtime 2014.



Gallery Koholm Odense Fjord.



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