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I told you about Info on the previous subpage. Now I will tell you about my 


Work & Education. 


I simply like to take photos and create creative graphics.

Creatives made during time by Kanobi® Graphic Art.


  • Sale to private people of my graphics: photos, pictures, websites and 3D materials.

  • Lots of materials from my bachelor in Arts connected to digital programs and media.

  • As social worker and teacher I communicated creative activities and crafts regarding children, young people, grown ups and colleges hereby setups and prints of magazines, invitations, artwork, etc.

  • As photographer on private basis I first took black and white photos and later coloured inspired by nature and culture. I had my first camera as eight years old from my grandparentes and we went to Odense Zoo;)

  • Creating models for real experiences to solve problems and make daily things work is a part of my creations through life.  Also creating using all different kinds of textiles, paper, feathers, wires, etc. for mobiles.

Birgitte Volkert Kanobi® Graphic Art

Education & graphic understanding


  • Entrepreneurship Vejle - Ledelsesakademiet.

  • Propelled by IT;) Working with digital medias creating and maintaining websites starting up with DOS workshop for pc in 1995 to get a grip of computers.

  • UPN v. Lone MCColaugh, entrepreneurship.

  • Erhvervsakademiet Lillebælt – Usability & Graphic design. A project in progress working with target groups and business desires for a website using the newest design principles.

  • Bachelor as a Teacher – maincource in Arts.

  • Computer Science – Java, Webdesign & Usability, Business & Programming.

  • Joined a Photoclub in Odense at Badstuen.

  • Education as a social worker – hereby also Essentials of pictures and developement of human beeings – Reggio Emilia.

  • EFG – Business and Office, 1. år of Higher Business useful knowledge for projects.

  • EFG – Graphics – Printing, designing books, editing pictures by hand not pc;), etc.

Programs I work in

Office, Animation 3 (still got it;), Paint Shop Pro, Moviemaker, WIX, WordPress and Blender. All free programs... Transforming fotos into pictures. These are actually enough to have lots of possibilities;)


SEO courses & SEO regarding websites

Google Adwords 1 &  SEO

Google Adwords 2 & SEO webshops

SEO on Google and Facebook. Entrepeneurship Uge47 DK

Creative nature...


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