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I told you about my thoughts of Pictures in photos on the previous subpage.

Storytelling in pictures is also essential to include in Created graphics, because if pictures do not tell anything, they become unusefull and dull. So the nonfigurative photos or pictures should give you another story "looking in to it or behind it", as with figurative ones.


Created graphics


As you se above on the left my logo for this website Kanobi® Graphic Art is in the category created Graphics.

If you look closely to my logo Iris you find different pictures, where I can see three. You may get a better view of it if you go to my subpage Bark Graphics.

Gallery drawings Kanobi®

Done with pencil and ink also in the category Created graphics to get grip of reality including my personal way of drawing.



Created graphics


Because I can draw everything, it is eacy to create what I want too and it is great fun for me to create graphics out of my photographs.

You may say that all photos also are created graphics, because you create the frame and focus with the camera while taking them.

I feel total engaged, when I do projects in the meaning of getting the idea, thinking about the subject, making sketches, creating the real stuff and finishing it of by using it for something more than just creating.


And the process goes on in an iterativ way, back and forward zapping, using the necessary parts of the process or as Dewey would call it "in a learning spiral" to end up with new ideas and projects that takes the issue to a new point of view or gives you total new ideas for new project.

Created graphics are also when you compose photos or make collages. Beneath are my composed collages for overviews of areas made out of more than one photo.

You can see more of my created graphics under Pictures.



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