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Jewelry Kanobi®.

I told you about my What is Digital Art on the previous subpage. Now I show you my


Jewelry Kanobi®.

My jewelry is inspired by shapes, forms, combinations, nature, culture, colors and light reflections, where I am especially inspired by artwork from Italy.


On the subpages to this you find beautiful ceramic art hand created by Aldo Londi inspired by Fratelli Fanciulacci Brothers for whom he worked from the age of 11 years old, then Ugo Zaccagnini his teacher, while he was still working for FF Brothers and last as headdesigner for Bitossi in 58 years of his time exploring genius art clay. You also find Murano Art's glass vintage beads.

Having these wonderfull things makes everyday shine, when you look at them;)

You can read more on following subpages.


KanobiR Jewelry Murano.

Murano di Perla New beads.

Murano di Perla Vintage beads.

Murano di Perla Information.

Other Perla di Nature.

Aldo Londi Art Inspiration.

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