I told you about Creatives Area DK on the previous subpage. Now I tell you how to buy on this page Sale.


You can buy creative websites, photos, pictures, tekst and other 3D products. I create and recreate in all proportions as you would like them to be.

You find prices on my other website Birgitte Volkert Kanobi®. Click link or picture below.

Again. If it looks to coloured, it is because of the solution on your mobile, tablet or pc. On my pc it looks fine, but here you also can have a different colour ajustment than I have;)

Prices Creative Graphic

Prices Creative Graphic




How to Buy?

To buy right now you will have to write to me using the link @.

I will write you back as soon as possible, if you have posted an email for me using the formular on the frontpage.

In future you will have posibilities to buy online right away.

Folder for download

You can download my folder written in English on the subpage Creatives 3D prints.



Best regards and have a nice day;)

Birgitte Volkert

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Prices Creative Graphic


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