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I told you about my Creative Globes on the previous subpage. Now I show you my pictures of


Creatives 3D prints.

We use 3D prints for many things. The most simpel 3D prints are on paper, because of the slim third dimension. You can print your GDPR policy, prices, folders, business cards, etc.

Below you find examples.

Again. If it looks to coloured, it is because of the solution on your mobile, tablet or pc. On my pc they look fine;)


Postcards can be made of all my photos, pictures and text.

Creatives 3D prints - Postcard Gallery - view by clicking one picture in the gallery



Posters for Fjordens Day yearly at Odense Fjord, Fyn, DK. All the photos are from kayaking in the water together with swans.


If you look at the green figure on two of the posters, it is a silout of Odense Fjord and looks also a bit like an owl and I made it green here, because we try to keep the fjord clean. It is rotated a bit, so it is not quite in the right position of North, South, East and West.

Creatives 3D prints - Posters Gallery - view by clicking one picture in the gallery



Examples of my Business Cards in Danish.

They are done using both my homepages inclusive my logos. I have made a kind of folder look inclusive less text than in my folder.



Strips of pictures.


All to use for someting else...


Folder for download

You can download my folder written in English.



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