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Creative Graphics



I told you about my Creative Websites on the previous subpage. Now I tell you about my other 


Creative Graphics.

We use 3D prints for many things. The most simpel 3D prints are on paper, because of the slim third dimension. You can print your GDPR policy, prices, folders, business cards, etc.

Photos & Pictures.

* Draft photo or picture content.

* Single.

* Series.

* Editing your current material.

* Pictures of your text.

* Pictures of parts of a page.

* Pictures of parts of other content.

* Various size of an image.

* Specific model or picture and photos of ...

* Other...

Your new photo / image or existing can be done creatively.


* Draft text content.

* Editing text.

* Setup of text.

* Different sizes of text.

* Specific models or pictures of text.

* Translation of each single page instead of using Google Translate.

* Text of Interviews.

* Other...


Your new text or existing can be done creatively.

A photo, picture or text can be made as:

* logo, favicon, for frontpage, for side page, as watermark, for slider, as background, quote, slogan, price, etc.


They can be made in all sizes, shapes, etc.

Creative photos, pictures and text.

" As an extra benefit, I can set up your graphics to make them creative, ie precisely special, unique, distinctive designed for your and / or user's wants and needs, so that your message is communicated as best as possible through your graphics. "

You find pictures in galleries above and below and on all the other pages;)

Creative Text.




Text is probably images of words ...? 😉

The name Kanobi®

The name Kanobi® you can read more about on the Page Work and Education under Info.

You can see many more of my Creative Graphics under Photos and Pictures or the following two subpages.

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On the next subpage you can see photos from Creatives Area Lizard.


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